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I love reading. I love discussing and recommending books. On one of my many bookcases, I have a dedicated shelf reserved for library books. Nowadays, I even love writing books.

Books, books, books! Happy sigh.

But wait, not all books are worth a happy sigh. I don’t like ick, in any of its varieties. I don’t like stupid. I don’t like depressing (but a little sadness is okay). And I’ve found a few recent trends that annoy me too much to read. So I don’t read or write those kinds of books.

If you want to talk about GOOD books, this is a great place. If you want to know where to find my books, it’s also a great place. 😉 (Hint: start here and here.)

You can also find information about writing and about the research I do for my books. Some of it is pretty random. It’s possible I might be a bit of a nerd. That’s okay; I like nerds.

Anyway, welcome to my happy place about books and maybe happiness in general! I hope you find something to make you happy, too. If there’s something you’d like to see here, let me know.

Good reading,

M.C. Lee