Favorite YA Fantasy Books

Here are juvenile and young adult fantasy books that I really like. Some of them are better classified as beast-tales or science fiction, but I’ll leave them here, anyway, since fantasy is also classified as “speculative fiction.”

Still in random order (some books cross categories):

Fantasy with Princesses, Dragons, or Magic

Patricia C. Wrede

Clare B. Dunkle

The Dragon of Trelian, by Michelle Knudsen

Bartimaeus series, by Jonathan Stroud

Laurence Yep’s fantasies

Abhorsen series, by Garth Nix (quite possibly the only “zombie” books I have ever liked)

Brandon Mull

Elizabeth Haydon

Jane Yolen (also found in adult fantasy)

Dawn Cook

Julie Kagawa’s Fey series

Sheila A. Nielson

Lou Anders

James M. Ward

Elizabeth Kerner

Halfblood Chronicles series, by Andre Norton

Tui T. Sutherland

Jessica Day George

Narnia, by C.S. Lewis

Pamela F. Service

Tamora Pierce

Knee-Deep in Thunder, by Sheila Moon

“Historical” Fantasy (some have a trace of magic)

Hilari Bell

Shannon Hale

Jennifer A. Nielsen

V. Briceland

Mary Hoffman

Megan Whalen Turner

Emily Rodda

Elizabeth Winthrop

Holly Bennett

Gerald Morris

Lloyd Alexander

The Great and Terrible Quest, by Margaret Lovett (one of my “ought to be a movie” books)

John Flanagan

Minnipin series, by Carol Kendall

The Princess and the Goblin (and Curdie sequel), by George MacDonald

Silver Woven in My Hair, by Shirley Rousseau Murphy

The Ordinary Princess, by M.M. Kaye (also my favorite romance, even though it’s a children’s book)

Crown Duel & Court Duel, and the Wren series, by Sherwood Smith

Cameron Dokey

most of Robin McKinley

Gail Carson Levine

Shattered Stone, by Robert Newman

“Contemporary” Fantasy

Brandon Sanderson (also found in adult fantasy and YA sci fi)

Rick Riordan

Sarah Rees Brennan (content warning for younger readers)

George Selden

Susan Cooper

Gregor series, by Suzanne Collins

Diana Wynne Jones

Bethany Wiggins

Shannon Messenger

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH (I like the movie, but the book is much better)

“Contemporary” Science Fiction (not all set in current day, but less intense science)

The True Meaning of Smekday, by Adam Rex (SO much better than the movie!)

The Girl with the Silver Eyes, by Willo Davis Roberts

Pamela F. Service

The Giver, by Lois Lowry (but unfortunately not the sequels)

Alexander Key

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory series, by Roald Dahl

Diane Duane (also in adult Sci Fi)

“Heavier” Science Fiction

Have Space Suit–Will Travel, by Robert Heinlein (no, I don’t like all his stuff)

Stephanie Harrington series, by David Weber

Devil on My Back series, by Monica Hughes

Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline

Alan Gratz

Douglas Arthur Hill

Janet Edwards

Kat Falls

Adrian McKinty

Sylvia Engdahl (sci fi with a fantasy feel)

A Wrinkle in Time series, by Madeline L’Engle

Timothy Zahn’s Dragon series


Enjoy, and feel free to comment if you found something you liked or if you think I’ve misclassified something. 🙂

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