Favorite YA Fantasy Books

Here are juvenile and young adult fantasy books that I really like. Some of them are better classified as beast-tales or science fiction, but I’ll leave them here, anyway, since fantasy is also classified as “speculative fiction.”

Some books cross categories.

Fantasy with Princesses, Dragons, or Magic is now moved to its own post

“Historical” Fantasy is now moved to its own post (some have a trace of magic)

“Contemporary” Fantasy is now moved to its own post

“Contemporary” Science Fiction (not all set in current day, but less intense science) and “Heavier” Science Fiction now have their own post

Now that I’ve updated everything, this post is just for redirection. Go ahead and check out the detailed lists, though. 🙂 Enjoy, and feel free to comment if you found something you liked or if you think I’ve misclassified something. 🙂

Happy reading,
M. C. Lee

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