The Coming of the Fae

Title: The Coming of the Fae
Series: The Return of the Fae #1
Release Date: 09/26/23
ISBN13: 978-1-950230-32-7

What if the fae were real?

The  fae are fleeing their dying world, taking a magic-propelled spaceship toward the vision of a blue planet. Gil is excited they have almost reached their new home and the promise of equality for all races. But when an accident injures the king, he must prevent murderous lords from forcing the commoners back into serfdom.

What if they are returning?

Alexandria wants a happy family, but Dad’s PTSD is tearing them apart. No wish on a star can solve this problem, but she continues to watch the night sky. Now a new object in the heavens catches her attention—and Dad’s. NASA says it’s an asteroid; Dad is convinced it’s invading aliens. His paranoia might destroy their family.

But the truth might be even worse...

Contemporary YA fantasy with a dash of sci fi & mythology, from the author of Unexpected Heroes.

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Author: MCLeeBooks

Marty C. Lee told stories for most of her life, but never took them seriously until her daughter asked her to write the first in the Unexpected Heroes series. Between writing and spending time with her family, she reads, embroiders, and gardens. Her characters take over her brain on a regular basis. If you catch her muttering to thin air, she's probably arguing with one of her characters. She has learned to keep a notebook by her bed to jot down ideas so she can go to sleep and deal with them in the morning.