Kaiatan Maps

Unexpected Heroes series



This is the world of Kaiatan at the beginning of Wind of Choice. Ahjin lives in Vasi, almost on the left edge. No, I didn’t mark every single place they visit, because that would be a spoiler.






This is Darrendra during Seed of War. The kindreds do have more formal names, but I left the translations here instead. If you look carefully for the star at the bottom of the continent, you can see where Ludik lives.







This is Kaiatan again, during Wave of Dreams. There are subtle differences between this and the first one, which do play into the events of several of the books. Nia lives on East Coral Island. Well, in the ocean next to it…





This is Iskra during Spark of Intrigue. Yes, it really is that big. Zefra lives in the Hotaru territory, but there’s no star for it because they move around a lot. There’s no star for the oasis she discovered, either, but it would be right above the A in Hotaru.





And here’s Ioj all by itself. Ahjin lives in Vasi, the capital city on the west. According to legend, the northern forest is infested with giant spiders. Nobody really believes that.