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Unexpected Heroes series:

Unexpected Heroes series (Kaiatan)

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Kaiatan Reading Order

If you want to read the Unexpected Heroes books and associated stories in chronological order, and you’ve already read the novels in the series so spoilers don’t matter, just read the numbers in order. Legends can be read at any time without spoilers. If you haven’t read anything yet, here’s what I suggest:

#0.1: Squall (in Unexpected Tales/UT and Tales of Kaiatan/TK) (Amrafel is a minor character in WoC. No spoilers.)
#0.3: Brother (in TK) (Keelin does not appear in main series but there is a connection. No spoilers.)
#0.4: Negotiations (in TK) (Main characters appear in WoC and are mentioned in SoI. No spoilers.)
#0.5: Friends (in UT and TK) (Main characters appear in WoC & WoD. No spoilers.)
#0.8: Resef’s Hammer (in UT and TK) (Izo is a minor character in WoC, WoD, & SoI. No spoilers.)
#1: Wind of Choice (WoC) (novel)
#0.9: Nobody’s Revenge (overlapping prequel/backstory for WoC, but it has spoilers for WoC) (newsletter special) (Kassian is a minor character in the series.)
#1.2: Sayaka (in TK) (Sayaka appears in WoC. Spoilers for WoC.)
#1.3: Visitors (in TK) (Ahjin appears in the entire series. Spoilers for WoC.)
#2: Seed of War (SoW) (novel) (Spoilers for WoC)
#1.9: Trefoil (overlapping prequel/backstory for SoW, but it has spoilers for SoW)
#2.1: Healing (Ludik and Nemerra appear in the entire series. Major spoilers for SoW and minor spoiler for WoD.)
#3: Wave of Dreams (WoD) (novel) (Spoilers for WoC and SoW)
#2.5: Captured (in TK) (Main characters do appear in SoI, but this won’t spoil that. There are minor spoilers for WoD)
#3.1: Marathon (in UT and TK) (Rozali appears in SoI, but no spoilers)
#3.2: Pirates (in TK) (Main characters are in SoI, but no spoilers. There are spoilers for WoD.)
#3.9: Together (in TK) (Nia appears in the entire series. Spoilers for WoD.)
#4: Spark of Intrigue (SoI) (novel) (Spoilers for WoC, SoW, WoD)
#4.1: Scorpions (in TK) (Ludik & Nemerra appear in all the series. Spoilers for SoI)
#4.2: Lapwing (Main characters appear in SoI. Spoilers for SoI.)
#4.4: Home (Tucker doesn’t appear in the series, but there are minor-character spoilers for SoI.)
#4.5: Wedding (Main characters are in the entire series. Big spoilers.)
#4.6: Patience (Main characters are in the entire series or SoI. Big spoilers.)

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