Upcoming Books

Set in Kaiatan, the world of the Unexpected Heroes series:

Tales of Kaiatan (coming late 2021)
More or less contemporary to the Unexpected Heroes series, enjoy additional stories from each country. The stories start almost sixty years before Wind of Choice and wander through time until after Spark of Intrigue. Here are backstories to the novels, prequels, sequels, and minor characters who demanded to tell their own stories. Some characters you will recognize, and some are new. All are waiting for you to join them in their adventures, escapes, romances, challenges, joys, dangers, friendships, and secrets…
(For a sneak peek, read Unexpected Tales, which features four of the stories from this collection.)

Legends of Kaiatan, set in ancient history of that world.
(Think “what if Earth fairy tales had happened in Kaiatan?”)
Snow White, The Stonecutter, Red Riding Hood, The Frog, Puss in Boots, The Twelve Dancing Princesses, and more fairy tales, all find new life in these pages.