Upcoming Books

Unexpected Heroes series:

Wave of Dreams (Unexpected Heroes, book 3) (coming 2020)

For sixteen-year-old Nia, the best part of becoming an adult is the party. Even if she has to hold it on land for the sake of her gill-less friends, it’s still an opportunity to flirt with all the lovely boys.

But the best birthday gift is something totally unexpected— an old treasure map and the news that her dad, missing sixteen years, might still be alive.

With her friends and a cute suitor in tow, Nia follows her long-lost father’s trail across the ocean waves to a supposedly cursed island. Will she find adventure, answers, and even love?

Maybe. Unless the curse is real.

Romance and danger swirl with the tide, and undercurrents could sweep her away.

Spark of Intrigue (Unexpected Heroes, book 4) (upcoming)

In the last two years, fire mage Zefra helped defeat a band of pirates, avert a war, and even rescue the gods. What can’t she do?

Find a job.

Though her deeds are famous, no one believes the legends are about a scrawny, sixteen-year-old girl. With no prospects for work, Zefra leaves to try her luck in another city.

But luck is not on her side. A powerful new cult is rising, preaching the downfall of the gods— and she and her friends stand in its way. When they are divided by kidnappers, assassins, and prison, she is left alone to track the clues. Zefra’s only hope lies in a team of shapeshifting spies and a coded map to a lost city.

If she can’t untangle the conspiracy, the death of the gods will be just the beginning.