Upcoming Books

Unexpected Heroes series:

Wave of Dreams (Unexpected Heroes, book 3) (coming 2020)

For sixteen-year-old Nia, the best part of becoming an adult is the party. Even if she has to hold it on land for the sake of her gill-less friends, it’s still an opportunity to flirt with all the lovely boys.

But the best birthday gift is something totally unexpected— an old treasure map and the news that her dad, missing sixteen years, might still be alive.

With her friends and a cute suitor in tow, Nia follows her long-lost father’s trail across the ocean waves to a supposedly cursed island. Will she find adventure, answers, and even love?

Maybe. Unless the curse is real.

Spark of Intrigue (Unexpected Heroes, book 4) (upcoming)

The return of the fifth god last year changed divine politics, to some people’s delight and others’ dismay. Since then, sixteen-year-old Zefra and her friends have been working with the gods to reorganize world relationships.

Unhappy with the new spirit of universal cooperation, a secret cult of rebels from every country surfaces to rework the world in its own vision. The faction intends to get Zefra and her friends permanently out of the way first, and then the gods will be the next to fall.

Now Zefra must lead her friends and shapeshifting spies to uncover and combat the cult. If they fail, the world will sink into domination and slavery.